True Beginnings...

So here we go my first Blog Post!!

My name is Sarah, I own a small Nail Salon in Hampshire from which I am growing my business. I am a single Mum with 3 children which in itself takes up all my time but having my own business lets me structure my life to get the best of both worlds.

I started my online business when we had to close in the first Lockdown, suddenly having no income I had to think fast. Nail Wraps have always been a favourite of mine and used in my Salon on clients and to be honest I love them. 

It was a slow start but managing to spread the word you could still have amazing nails in Lockdown things were starting to take off. Customers were sending amazing feedback and photos and for my own mental health it was keeping me going through many dark times.

The most amazing feedback I received was from parents with babies and ladies who work all hours and never get time to visit a nail salon they were telling me this has given them a little ray of light as could have great looking nails in minutes all of the time. Our nail wraps really do last as well so I knew I was selling a positive product.

Of course I want to build my brand and continue to sell Nail Wraps to everyone and worry this will falter after Lockdown but I hope I have shown everyone you can look amazing with something so small and such a reasonable price....if it gives you a smile it has to be worth it!!

In regards to our wraps I wanted to go through our wraps which have a clear background just in case anyone is a bit unsure about them.

Firstly if you do not like bright nails and prefer just a little detail and wish to have something on your nails to give them a little protection these are perfect for you.

Secondly they are a great mix and match! it you choose a plain colour and then wraps with a clear background they can look stunning placed over the top to show a detail. Having 2 wraps is perfectly fine and will still last.

Just don't forget to add a clear top coat over the nail and to seal the edges for extra protection.

Lastly I would like to say a massive thank you to all my customers for your loyalty and support and I look forward to the future and what it will bring.

Thank you all

Sarah xx