Semi Cured 236 - NEW

Semi Cured 236 - NEW

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SEMI CURED GEL WRAPS - you will need a UV/LED Lamp for these wraps, Strong Nails and So Shiny! Lamp can be bought in our Extra Bits for £3.99

Fabulous Nails in minutes! If you have not used Nail Wraps before they are easy to use and best of all will not damage your nails.

Also perfect if you want a break from Polish, they can also help if you have brittle nails just giving them a little protection while they grow.

Our Semi Cured Nail wraps are made from Gel polish

Last upto 14 days

Each pack contains 20 nail wraps to match your nail size

They are sticky and you can them take off and re do if not lined up correctly and they also have a little stretch if struggling to cover all your nail.

They are also easy to remove with normal Nail Varnish Remover

I used to run a Nail salon and they were as popular in there as they are online and in the shops

I hope you enjoy your wraps and look forward to seeing your photo's

Thank you